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‘Excuse Me’ by Joe Blessett
Multi-talented Joe Blessett recently released an album of his music. Among Joe’s panoply of talents: engineer, internet radio station owner, entrepreneur, composer, producer, videographer and internet recording artist. The album is called Excuse Me.
he term that most aptly describes the album’s music is Fusion. A fusion of jazz, blues, rock, soul and electronica. Excuse Me is definitely original, creative and unlike anything else anywhere.
- by Randy Radic
Poet and Pariah: Malady, Music, and Mayhem
Joe Blessett ‘Excuse Me’
The Jazz Fusion style of Joe Blessett is indeed an amalgam — the size and scale of which is seldom heard or experienced. His latest release ‘Excuse Me’ is its own house of horrors worthy of narration by the late Vincent Price, delivering on all fronts of the auditory occult in an unapologetic fashion that’s downright peculiar.
“You gotta get the fuck up out the way if you don’t got shit to say,” is the mood and atmosphere of the title opener ‘Excuse Me’ captured, in a nutshell. This psychedelic PSA instantly puts listeners on notice. Spoken word liquifies with shades of melancholy and other assorted atmospherics and proclamations to kick off the album with an eerie kick in the teeth. - Posted by EvanMorgan
Joe Blessett - Changing Everything
These days, jazz takes on a multitude of different faces, and almost everybody has a kind of mutually exclusive definition of the style. Multi-instrumentalist Joe Blessett, with his Changing Everything, finds a way to embrace many seemingly mutually exclusives jazz definitions, yet somehow make them fit together rather nicely.
The track, "Talking to Miles," might fit on almost any smooth jazz station with its cool vibe. Nevertheless, not everything on this album is quite that smooth. You can hear a little bit of Weather Report's playfulness in "Jazz R.I.P." It's a little bit woozy and bluesy. Another one, "Amoral Behavior" has a druggy vibe, while "White Roses" is a little electronic, a little funky as it mixes and matches styles with wonderfully reckless abandon. - Dan MacIntosh